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Impressions of Japanese Urasenke Tea Ceremony, performed by a student of Suenaga-Sensei in Miyazaki Prefecture, May 2014. Suenaga-Sensei, a Japanese Tea Ceremony teacher of Urasenke, was in the past also working as a school teacher. One of her students was Yukie Morimoto, one of the both daughters of the Morimotos. Thanks to this, we were invited in her private tea house in Sadowara. Her private tea house with tea garden is called "eki raku an". By the way: Since we met her this day together with the Morimotos, she got a big fan of the Morimoto Matcha Premium Minami Sayaka, which now also the Urasenke tea teacher of Suenaga-Sensei began to drink - not for tea ceremony, but for her private life.