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CHA EN - Lisbon, Atelier 51, 15 March 2014 from MARIMO green tv on Vimeo.

CAMÉLIA & MARIMO performed this tea event at Atelier 51 in Lisbon on 15 March 2014. The topic of the event named CHA EN is the relationship between the taste of Japanese green tea, the sound of tea, and ceramic tea objects. CHA means "tea", and EN means "fortunate relationship", while the pronounciation of these both words is the same like CHA EN, which means "tea garden". Only the Chinese characters are different. During the event, the best tea of the organic tea garden of the Morimoto family, the GO EN was prepared and tasted in the way like the tea sort gyokuro is prepared traditionally in Japan. Dirk Boehmer (saxophone) and MARIMO BEATS (electric upright bass & drum computer) performed their own composition, a music piece called KAMA, which means "iron pot". The pot which is used to boil the water for tea ceremony. This piece is an interpretation of the sound of the water boiled for the infusion of tea.